Urushi is widely considered to be an expensive luxury item, difficult to maintain and easily damaged. Yet with a concept that is completely opposite, urushi can be profoundly enjoyable.

This is a skateboard which was coated with urushi and used for personal enjoyment. This of course means that it has suffered the normal wear and tear of use. Yet when other skateboarders see it, their reaction is invariably one of interest and appreciation. One and all, they seem to feel that the scrapes and other signs of use actually add to the atmosphere of the skateboard, and make it all the more appealing. All have expressed an interest in having an urushi-coated skateboard of their own.

In fact, one’s riding style when using the skateboard imparts a unique, personalized look to its appearance, leading to still greater feelings of attachment and pleasure. Those of us who work with urushi are well aware of the fact that, just as with leather goods and jeans, the wear and tear of use adds to the overall appeal of the material and the goods themselves. When I saw the reactions of these skateboarders however, I instantly realized that this understanding and appreciation can be passed on to people, especially young people, who might not otherwise know anything about urushi.



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